“It’s excessively expensive”

I realize that it’s not clear for everyone what I am doing.

I am here sharing my human experience, what I think, what I live, how I see life, what life means to me.

I’m not here to tell you what to do or not. I’m not here to say that what I’m saying is the truth.
It’s my truth.

It’s what is true for me at every moment that I share something.

I share this because it’s my job on earth to do this.

To remind to people that they have the power to do what they want. That they can live the life they want.

Seeing what I share now a year ago would have helped me a lot.
I was alone, studying, feeling that I’m not in the right place and feeling that there were no exit for me, no hope.

I’m here to help people who feel like me. To show that it’s possible to have a different life.
And that’s why I’m sharing my experience to the world.
To show what is really happening when you work to have the life you want.
What is the real work behind this.

And today someone send me a message to me.
First saying that my prices are way to much expensive, “excessivley expensive”.

That I try to make a business using the shitty routine of people and their stress in life. And that it was not good to make people pay to have access to things I share.

Like what ?!

I mean I’m like sharing a looooot of things since I don’t know how long, helping people for free because I think my message it’s important.

And you, yes you, who read all my post, see all my stories.
What do you think ?

If I don’t have money to live I can’t share all the things with you.

I don’t have to do another thing than being me to earn money !

And being me is sharing my human experience and help people by doing this.
If I take a full time job you’re not going to see me here, you’re not going to read what I write.

I mean if you don’t support people that you follow, that inspires you, that gives you value, that’s brings you some hope and sunny vibes.

What do you think ?

Those people are going to go somewhere else.
We all need money to live.
And We have to change our way of seeing this.

You have to pay to have something. Whatever it can be.
We have taken the habit of consuming everything for free.
But this is not helping the world !

People who create what inspires you, if they have no money they are going to move somewhere else. Where people understand the value they give.

I’m just like WTF ?!

I don’t have to convince you to buy what I sell. If you feel that it don’t have any interest for you so it’s ok, maybe the other one will interest you more.
But why are you following me ?
Why are you reading what I write ?
Why are you watching my stories, liking my posts ?

You are here for a reason.
I give you value, I give you something whatever it can be.

My free content interest you isn’t it ?

So what I sell should interest you too ?

So my question is why are you not bying this ?

You follow something everyday that you like but when it’s time to pay for something you think what ?

Money is an exchange of value.
It’s simple.

I give you value by giving you something and you give me value by giving money.
It’s just an exhange.
Without money I can’t continue my job.

Maybe you don’t give a shit. But if you follow me every day it’s because I give something to you.

Of course you can live without my content. We agree with that.

But I’m helping you in some way.
I try to make the world a bit better by showing that life is beautiful, great and we have to live it.

And when I ask for money some people are like you are using people’s stress life blabla.

WTF ? 

Of course I’m using this because I was I the same shit ! I was crying in my bed alone with no hope, not knowing what to do with life. Thinking that I was not good enough to just quit my studies and start something I really love.
I was in the same shit. That’s why it’s important for me to share what I’m sharing.
I try to help people.

But guys if I don’t have money for this I will find other way to live my life. And it’s may not going to be sharing all the things that happens in my life with you.

Like what do you think ? Like really.
People you follow on instagram and never buy their stuff they are going to move away if no one support their work.

Like it’s time to support people that try to help the world !
Instead of buying some shitty stuff maybe it’s time to buy some stuff that first interest you, and that support people you like.

Without you people like me, like other artists are not going to stay long here.

We can’t do everything for free.
This is helping no one.

Not the artist, the creator and not even you.
If they move so you loose the value they are giving to you.
And if you start creating something that you love doing and you give it always for free you are going to go to work for something else that you don’t passionate about.

It takes times to share this. It takes times to work on my fears, to work on things that try to stop me to have the life I want.
It takes time, energy, and money too ! because I invest in myself, in people that inspires me and that I know buying their stuff will help me.
It takes a lot to me to share with you.
But I can’t do it for free forever.
Like instead of investing in some shoes invest in something that may inspires you, help you.

It can be my stuffs or not. 

But it’s time to be conscious that if you’re not supporting people that you follow on Instagram they are going to disappear and go somewhere else.
Or just losing hope that it’s possible to bring something good to the world and can live with it.

So yes just saying.

I’m just like sad and angry to see that I share a lot of thing and still people are like but it’s not fair to ask for money. WTF ?!
It’s not fair to consume all the content of someone and after not helping them too.
Like it’s not fair to just be here and don’t support the people that helping you.

I’m just like, people who are like this you can unfollow me.
I don’t have time for your shit.
Like move.

I’m here with people that understand what I do.
What I try to bring to the world.
With people who understand that sharing all of this cost me a lot sometimes and I do it because I know it can help someone even if it’s only one person.
I’m here for people who wants to grow, to see life in another way.
To have a different life than working hard and waiting for death.
I’m here for people who understand that it’s a human who create all the thing they saw, and like other human they need to eat, sleep somewhere and live.
I’m here for people who understand the value I give.
I’m here for people who wants to see someone live differently.

I don’t have time for you, all the people who are watching and just sending messages to say that asking for money for the value I give is not fair.
I don’t have time for you.
So please move.
I don’t like your energy.

I’m here for positive vibes.
For people who share my values, who want to bring something to the world.
And who are not wasting their time watching what other people may do wrong or blabla.

I’m here for people who are grateful to have the chance to see what I share and to buy what I sell.

My prices are my prices. It’s not too expensive. It’s the price.
If you think it’s not for you that’s ok.
If you are interested in it and you don’t have the money so find ways to create money if it’s important for you.
When you want something you find ways to have it.

So please people move away.
It’s ok if you’re not buying my stuff.
Do what you feel.
But understand that if you’re not supporting people they will not stay long here.

Anyway I think I’m done.

I’m here for people who work on themselves. Who are responsible of their own life.

A lot of sun and love to people who support me already :))

Two months of writing, two months in my head.

Taking decisions, actions, trying to overcome fears, laziness, 

Talking about inspiration, moving my ass and a lot of other stuffs.

This is for 50 until august 31 after it’s going to be 97.

As you see my prices are growing so it’s now or never to have things i create for this price. 🙂

 With a nice and soft paper aaah jésus. 

With nice photos, a short story, and a reminder to watch life, to see beauty around you.

A way to consume what i create in another way than by using your phone.

Let your phone away, take the book with you and go enjoy life. 🙂