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Journal de Bord of my Life

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Here you have access to my secret notes, things that happens in my head.

How i take decisions, how i take actions, what kind of thoughts stop me and how i overcome them. (or not)

It’s the “behind the scene” of doing what you want in life, like the real things, and thoughts. Because we saw everyone like “yeaah i have the life i want and i just work hard for it”, but that help nobody.

When i was studying i would have loved to see someone who tells how it is to try to have the life you want, like how hard it can be sometimes and how fuckin good it can be too. But just have the real story, what really happens, what kind of fear this girl have, and how she overcome them, what kind of actions she do, how she know what to do, or how she have no clue of what to do but she try anyway. Just see the entire process.

So I do it now, because i think it can help people, and maybe gives you some courage, to read this, and you to do what you want. Because you’re not alone. And doing what you want even if no one is doing it yet it’s possible ! You just have to start somewhere.

I don’t know I just think that showing the real aspect of doing what you want can help people.

Here you have access to the behind the scene of June and july 2019, how i decided to leave Lisbon to go to Greece and how this decision evolves and what kind of action do i take, thoughts, fears, doubts i have, everything that happens in my mind are here. I didn’t touch to my notes, it’s how it is.

Sometimes i talk to myself, sometimes i talk to you, sometimes i’m asking questions to me, etc.

I don’t know what to write more

it’s for you if :

  • you want to live a different life than everyone around you, but you don’t know how, i’m not going to tell you how to do with YOUR life, (you have the answer) but i tell my experience and i think it can help to not feel alone to want a different life, and gives courage and force to overcome your fears, doubts etc
  • you like what i write and you want to see more
  • you are curious of what happens in the life, in the head of a 20 year old girl who want to do just what she wants, and find ways to do it

You have the second version of this sales page, i didn’t knew which one should i choose so i put both. Because this is my website i do what i want !

How it works ?

  • You will receive informations to connect you to the website and see all thoses adventures, you can read it from your phone, laptop, it’s the same than when you read my posts
  • you read it
  • You move your ass to have the life you want 🙂

I don’t want to share this for free, because this have value not just for me, but for you too.

So yes do what you feel honey ! 🙂

YOU HAVE UNTIL AUGST 20 TO HAVE IT AT THIS PRICE ! After i increase this ! It’s now or never :))




Here is a little book where i give you access to my process of following my intuition. 


I archive my process of having an intuition for something, listening to it, following it, taking actions, decisions and all the stuff in between. (doubts, fears, etc)

It’s my diary / journal to archive the process from the beginning of just an intuition, a little voice to finally the thing in real. Like make this happens in my life.


The best way to understand what’s going on is to read it. (and to read the description below)


Hope this will inspires you to follow your little voice in your head. And make crazy, stupid things, make your dream happens maybe who knows ?! 


A lot of sun ! 

Laura (soleil)


I wrote all the process like a diary to see the evolution of this, to see where it can leads me. Like what can happens if i follow my little voice, intuition ? Where this can leads me ?

To see all the process from the beginning to the end. I start to write on june 10th.


I wrote it for me first, to remember this and to know where i start. But i find it interesting to share it with you, (for some of you). 

Like to see a girl (yes, me) following an idea without knowing why, or how, or what the fuck is she doing.

Like seeing someone doing this (doing things without knowing what she’s doing) and who finally make this shit happens in her real life.


We all see all those people having the life they want or doing stuff but we just see them at the end of the process. We don’t see them struggling, doubting, having no clue of WTF they are doing etc. We just see the final result, the beautiful postcard.


I think that’s why i wanted to archive the process too, to not just show to you like “hey wou-hou i’m here, living my best life, it was hard but now i’m here” you know.


I wanted to take the process and show it. Like show you that yes even if you have no clue of what you are doing, or why you have this idea/ intuition like you can make this happens in your life. Because if a girl like me can do it, you can do it too.


This is not an “how to”, or a “step by step”, or a “guide”. I’m not going to teach you something or give you the answer of how to have what you want. It’s just my own process to what i wanted to do. I just share it to show you that if it was possible for me it is for you too.

Maybe things will help you in your own process maybe not. I’m not Jésus ! 

It’s just here. I just put it here. You know if it’s for you or not, follow your intuition 😉


Maybe you are just curious to see the process of a 20 year old gir following what she’s called for, doing what she want in her life, maybe you’re just curious to see how she do to make this happens in her life.


So yes, you know if it’s for you or not, if you are curious or not. Do what you feel to do.


You know ! You have the answer !

Not just to know if this is for you, but in all aspect of your life, you know ! 

You are an expert in yourself !


(It was important for me to remind it :))