You deserve a cheap life ?

Now, with social media and our way of consumming everything in our life we want everything for free.
We think that it’s normal.

The world is working with money. We are not going to change this, it’s just a way to exchange. If we want to change this we will have to find other ways to exchange and that the same problem, the value.

What is your value ? What is the value of this thing ?

You think you deserve the cheapest thing in your life ?
So your life, the value of your life is cheap ?
All you want to spend,  invest in you is cheap.
Why ?

It’s not because you don’t have money, money can be created.

What is behind the fact that you are always trying to find the cheapest things ?

Why do you think that you can’t deserve to have something in a high price ?

Your life deserve to be lived as the cheapest as it can be ?

You can’t live the life where you can buy the thing you want ?

You can only buy the things you things you deserve, do you deserve cheap ?

Like I’m not saying that if a price is high so it’s going to be the best for you. You can find cheap things that are really nice.

But let’s see the big picture of wanting everything for free or for the cheapest.
Everything is related to the value you give to you.
And by saying it’s too expensive to someone. What is behind this ?
It’s to expensive for who ?

The person fix her price, the price is the price.
But why is it expensive for you ?
Maybe you think that it don’t interest you enough to bring that money to have the thing in exchange.
So it’s not too expensive, it’s just that you are not interested enough to put the money. 
Maybe it’s because this interested you, but you don’t have the money.
So it’s not too expensive, the fact is you don’t have the money, and so the question who came after is,  you decide to create this money for it ? If you really want it you will find ways, if you don’t you will not.

Saying it’s too expensive means nothing.

Chanel is the price of Chanel you are not going to discuss it.
If you have the money and you want to spend on it you will. If it’s not interesting you at all you will just not going to buy something there.
But if you truly want something there you will find a way. It’s not too expensive it’s the price.

Some people will see my prices as too high. Some other as too low.
It depends on people.

I see my prices as right  for me.
I will not discuss them.

I will not going to a lower level to be at the level of people. 

People have to go up to come at mine.

And this is how things grows.

It’s the same with every aspect of life. 
If everyone around you eat shit, you can eat shit to not disturb their habits.
But you can start eating healthier for you first. And people may follow you or not.
But the ones who follow will grow with you. Will go to a next level, instead of staying in the stage they know, the stage where they are comfortable with. 

You are not helping people if you are going to a lower level than where you are.

People will follow or not.
There are no discussion allowed with how you want to live, how you fix your prices, how you see your own value.

If people don’t see it so they can move away. We don’t need them.

We need people that understand the power and the value of what we bring to the world. 

Helping people is helping you first.

I allow people to understand their own value by understanding mine.
I allow people to be themselves by being me.
I allow people to earn money by being themselves by doing it.

All the things I do are for me first.
I’m the most important person in my life.

By doing this, living the life I want, earning the money I deserve, I allow you to do it too. I show you that it’s possible.

If people are millionaire, are travelling full time, are writing books, are singing or whatever they can do so it means that you can do this too.

Those people are just human like you.

Let’s do our own stuff people who follow will be the right, and the other they will stay in the same shit.

Don’t waste your time with people that don’t make you grow or try to make you go to a lower level than you are, than you want to go.

Do your own stuff.

I give you some courage and force and sun :))

Two months of writing, two months in my head.

Taking decisions, actions, trying to overcome fears, laziness, 

Talking about inspiration, moving my ass and a lot of other stuffs.

This is for 50 until august 31 after it’s going to be 97.

As you see my prices are growing so it’s now or never to have things i create for this price. 🙂

 With a nice and soft paper aaah jésus. 

With nice photos, a short story, and a reminder to watch life, to see beauty around you.

A way to consume what i create in another way than by using your phone.

Let your phone away, take the book with you and go enjoy life. 🙂