You are here for a reason

We are all guided, we are all here for a reason.

Each of us have something special to do here.

Follow what you love, what brings you joy, what you are good at.

We are not good at everything, I’m not goog at mathematics for example and I don’t want to be good at it.

Because the world needs my participation for something else.

Focus on what you are good at instead of wanting to improve stuffs that you’re not good and whihc are boring for you.

What passionnates you is the thing you have to follow even if you think it’s for nothing or it’s not going to serve the world or serve anyone even you.

It’s important to focus on things you love.

Even if everyone tells you that you should do something else, that this is not going to bring food on your table,etc.

They don’t know, they have their own fears. Let them.

You’re the only one who have to believe in you. 

If you don’t who will ?

Do what you love whatever it can be. Even if it sounds to easy for you, or just fun, or not easy at all.

Continue to have fun, continue to make things with love.

The world needs each of us skills.

We all have different things to bring to this world.

Don’t try to fit in boxes, create your own.

Do you.

It’s important.

It’s enough.

The world needs you.

You need you.

You deserve to be happy and feel good. You will if you follow what brings you joy, what makes you feel good, powerful, usefull, proud.

It’s important to follow what you want and not what society makes you believe you need to be happy, accomplished and proud.

You have the answer.

Listen to this little voice inside of you. She’s right.

If it’s scary ? So it’s the right way to follow, the right decision to make.

Fear doesn’t mean that it’s not the right way, uncomfort too.

It’s the opposite.

When you’re scared, when it’s uncomfortable like it’s argh ! It makes you grow. It pushes you to the next level.

The Universe pushes you to become the person you have to be to achieve what you have to achieve.

When I look back at what my life looked like before, jésu, I’m really grateful that all those “bad” things happened. Without this I probably wouldn’t be here.

A few ones were really hard to deal with, like death, parents separation, break up.

But all those stuffs makes me learn and grow a lot.

It was big slaps in my face that makes me come back to who I really was, makes me go back to my path.

They replace me to where I have to go, who I have to be, who I am.

Sometimes Universe puts on your way really, really shitty stuffs to makes you react, move.

When it’s happened you think that it’s the worst thing that can happened and that the Universe, the World is not on your side.

But the Universe is always on your side.

He saw you not doing what you are meant to do, and he tried to prevent you with little signs, and bigger signs that you didn’t wanted to see.

So he puts something that he knows that this will finally makes you react.

Sometimes it’s the kind of things where you have two choices, stop your life or living it as full as you can.

And if you choose life, this thing, the worst thing that can happened in your life become one of the best thing that can happened. Because without this maybe you would never live this extraordinary life.

You can’t really control what can happen in your life but you can control what you are going to do with it.

Emotions are important to live, the worst thing of your life is not going to become the best thing of your life in one day. Live your emotions, it’s a way to heal you. 

But don’t loose hope, the thing you’re living, even if it seems to be the worst thing ever, it prepares you to appreciate the best thing ever.

Everything is going to be fine honey 🙂