Why everything is cheap

Why everything is cheap, and why most of people stay poor.

No one assume their value.
No one wants to fix the price they deserve.
Or, and this is worst, and this is how I was. 

We don’t know our value.

We think that we have to fix our prices by comparing to what other people are doing, creating.

If everyone is putting low prices so we have to put low prices because who are going to buy our stuff instead ?

We don’t know our value.
We think that fixing low prices, affordable prices is helping people.

Low prices are helping no one.
Not the creator of the content and the time and energy and love he bring to the project.
And not even the buyer.
A low price is not challenging you.
Is not making you grow.

If you truly want something, if you think something is for you, if you think that this is calling you, if it’s cheap it’s to easy, you’re not going to invest all of you in it.
If you want something you are going to find ways to have it. Find ways to create this money
Money is easy to find.
It’s easy if you want to.

If you truly want something so you are going to find ways to have it. And this makes you grow.
A price who is higher than you have the habit to spend on things, is making you creating money to buy it.
And if you create money to buy something so you can create money for you too.

A low price is helping no one.

You/we have to understand our value in this world.
We are unique.
Like no one else is like you, no one else is like me.
No one can create what I create, no one can write, speak, see the life how I do.

No one can be me.
No one can be you.

The value is here.

Sure you can find books for lower prices, you can find behind the scene of people for free, for cheap prices.

But you can’t find mine.
I create this.
This is the only thing in the world like this. 

If I want to sell something for 20 000€ or more I will.
If I feel it’s right price.

I fix the right price for me. For the value I know I bring to the world.
I give a lot of value and content for free. And I deserve to be paid for what I create.
You have access to both.

The more I understand my value the more the price are getting higher.
No one is here to teach you your value at school. And no where else.

You have to learn by yourself. See people who fix the price that are right/true for them.

And when you see this you’re like but why am I giving something for 15€ like what ????

This have no sense and help no one.

Money is just an exchange of value.
You want something so you exchange your money for the thing you want.

You want to eat a fruit ? So you buy the fruit.
It’s as easy as this.

If you don’t have the money to buy this fruit so create the money.
If you don’t want to create the money for this fruit that’s ok, this fruit is not important enough for you.

But if you don’t exchange money for this fruit you will not have it.

Understand your value is helping you and helping other people too.

If you know your value you encourage people to start thinking of their own too.

Two months of writing, two months in my head.

Taking decisions, actions, trying to overcome fears, laziness, 

Talking about inspiration, moving my ass and a lot of other stuffs.

This is for 50 until august 31 after it’s going to be 97.

As you see my prices are growing so it’s now or never to have things i create for this price. 🙂

 With a nice and soft paper aaah jésus. 

With nice photos, a short story, and a reminder to watch life, to see beauty around you.

A way to consume what i create in another way than by using your phone.

Let your phone away, take the book with you and go enjoy life. 🙂