Travel and write books

If I have all the money I needed I will do this.

Travel, write books and talk, share.

Share my way of seeing things in life.
Share how I see the world.
I see beauty everywhere, for me everything is interesting, everything needs to pay attention to it.
I’m contemplative.

I like to go outside, sit on a bench or sit somewhere, and look at life, people walking, what they are talking about, seeing people laugh, looking at trees just this one leaf who is moving, and at the same time this girl who walk here and a old man on his bike.
I love to be somewhere and see everything, it’s like watching a movie.
I love doing this, taking time to look at things, to stop everything. Stop walking, stop looking at my phone, stop listening to music, stop reading.
Stop everything and watch.

And this is the moment when you see how a lot of things happens around you all the time. And when you see beauty.
To see the beauty we have to slow down.
Take time.
Open our eyes.

Sometimes I feel like I’m an ovni.
All the people around me are running everywhere, running after something. They don’t have time.
No one seems to have time.

No one have the time to live.
No one have the time to enjoy life.
To see how beautiful life is.

No, they have more important tasks to achieve.
Being amazed of little things is stupid for them.

But for me that’s my way of feeling good, being amazed by all the little details in life that most of people don’t see.

People told me, “being contemplative doesn’t gonna bring you money”.

It’s not true.
Being contemplative and seeing the beauty in everything is my super power.
I bring value to the world

Beauty is important for the world, we need this. 

We need people to show us that beauty is already here, we have to open our eyes.

I’m here to do this.

And for sure money is going to come, money is already here. I just have to believe that I deserve it.

By the way i made a limited edition book to reminds this 🙂 

With a nice and soft paper aaah jésus. 

With nice photos, a short story, and a reminder to watch life, to see beauty around you.

A way to consume what i create in another way than by using your phone.

Let your phone away, take the book with you and go enjoy life. 🙂

Two months of writing, two months in my head.

Taking decisions, actions, trying to overcome fears, laziness, 

Talking about inspiration, moving my ass and a lot of other stuffs.

This is for 50 until august 31 after it’s going to be 97.

As you see my prices are growing so it’s now or never to have things i create for this price. 🙂