This is not my job

This is not my job
This is not my job to explain the value I bring to the world, the value I give to you.
You understand it or not.

After the message on the price, (saying that it’s excessively expensive, etc) it makes me think about a lot of things. And like I wrote a few stuff due to it, so thanks for giving me inspiration by making me angry. 🙂

But this is not my job.
I’m not here to explain why I fix this prices.
I’m not here to explain the value of what I create.

This is not my job, I have no time for it.
I’m here to share my message, my way of seeing things, my way of living.
I’m here to help people, bring them courage to be themselves, bring hope that they can do whatever they are dreaming of.

I’m here to bring something good, positive energy to the world.

I’m not going to waste my time trying to convince people of my value.

I have to do my job on earth !

I have no time for this shit !

Some people needs to hear what I have to say. The old me needed to hear, read what I share.
I do my job for people who needs me, who understand what I do.

Who understand that the job I do is fucking important for the world !

The world needs me to do my job as much as it needs you to do yours.

I’m not going to waste my time anymore for this.

I bring value to the world. If you don’t understand it and come to talk to me for no purpose please move away from me.

And if you understand the value I give please feel free to support me and give me money because I’m not going to live thanks to likes, and views.

I’m tired of having to say this.
This should be normal.

Like, before if you wanted to read something you had to buy a book.
If you wanted to read the work of a writer you had to buy his book. And this was totally normal.
There were no other way to read the book of someone, to have access to the work of someone than buying something.
This was normal.
This is normal.

Someone works, so if you want to see it, so buy it.
It’s logic, easy, and fair.

But now everything is free, artists, writers, content creator are creating everything for free, or for cheap.

WTF ?!

And everyone see this like it’s normal !

So you can see all the work of someone, learn everyday from someone, take everything you can without giving a cents to bring them back what they give to you.

And when they ask for money, because being themselves is their job !, when they ask for money you are like euuuh it’s not fair, they try to make money on my back blabla.


Please people like this move away.
Like move !
Unfollow !
Move !
I don’t need you ! I don’t need your negative energy here !
Move !

This have to change !
People who bring value to the world should be paid.
And by the world it’s you too, you who is reading everyday.
You are responsible.
You read everyday you are here, like don’t think that non-actions, have no consequences.
You don’t pay people you like so they will stop creating stuff one day.

I’m sharing what I share with you, yes you.
You exist in the void of internet.
You can make things change.

Everyone is telling that they want a better world blabla but in the fact what are you doing ?
Making this world better is supporting people that helps you too.

People are working to make this world better, to have a positive impact.
The more those people are supported the more they can do their job.

The more those people are supported the more other people will start doing their job and have a positive impact.

Like you understand how important it is ?

If people who try to make something good for the world are poor, are not supported, are not recognized, rewarded
So how other people will want to make something good too ?

They will do like everyone else, take a full time job in a big company and finally not doing what they should really do on earth.

To want a better world you have to encourage people who work for it.
Each of you can have a positive impact.

Support people.

You don’t have to support me, to buy my stuffs like you do what you feel.

But this message is for everyone.
It’s not just for me.

People needs to get supported and paid for the job they do.

Please be conscious of this.
When you open Instagram and see people who share things that helps you, make you smile, make you think of something, inspires you.

Please remind you that those people are like you too they need money to live their life and to bring what they bring to you.

You have the power to make things change, you are responsible of it.

The world can’t change without the help of everyone.

if you want to support me you can do it now !

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