The tourist glasses

A day in Paris.
Walking, being a tourist even if I already know those places, but there’s always something new to see, a new atmosphere.
I put my “tourist glasses” to see how amazing is it to live here.


It’s easy to forget how life is beautiful, it takes no effort to not appreciate life.

Everyone can do this.

But to enjoy life as much as you can, you have to make some efforts.

To make space in your head, to take time to walk, look at people, listening to the sounds around you.

Take time and live slowly have to be normal, it’s our nature. But now, to live like this it’s an effort, at first it is. You see everyone around you running everywhere, working 15h/day and being proud of this, proud of being busy, proud of being tired, exhausted.


No time to enjoy, no time to take time, so… 

No time to live ?

No time to eat good food, to read a book, to enjoy the sun, to walk, to dance, to draw, to create, to spend time with nice people, no time, no time, no time !

You spend your time doing what ? 

Time and moments you spend now are the most precious thing you have !

We all have a expiration date.

We don’t know this date. 

So what ?

The only thing we have power on is now. It’s this time now, right now.

Are you doing what you love today ? Are you feeling good, powerful, creative ?

Do you love yourself right now ? 

I’m not asking you if you love your life, it’s your life it’s huge, you can’t answer this. 

But I can ask you :

Do you love your day ? 

If yes i’m happy for you continue, 

If not, you have to change something right now, think about it. 

The only thing you have is now !


It’s ok to have bad days, but bad days are here to make you learn something to show you that something need to change.

So come on honey ! Life is beautiful, beauty is everywhere around you, take time, watch life ,enjoy ! You are here for this  🙂