The power of beauty






Today i went in Paris, I was looking for a notebook, a special one.

Finally life took me somewhere else.

I spend the entire day seeing beautiful things.

Going to cute shops for rich bob/hipster and just watching watching/touching objects, clothes, plants.

I went to La Fnac (a library) and i stay there watching, looking at photography/art books.

After i walked and watched life, people, mouvement.

It was as if i was watching a movie. Everything was here to make the moment special.

I was really like a spectator of the scene. Just watching how beautiful life is.

I did nothing “productive”.

I just went out and went where i wanted to go.

I discovered a, Jésu ! A lovely, magical place. A little shop.Of antiques, old stuff from asia. This place was like, i don’t know how to explain.

I enter in it and i felt as if I was somewhere else, as if I was a character of a book who travelled in foreign countries.

This moment, time didn’t exist. 

I was just here. Somewhere else.

It was like a dream. 

All those objects, details. You can spend hours, days and always see something new.

There were stuffs like yogurt, mayonnaise, an old phone charging, and objects from another time. This place has no sense. I love it.

It was unreal.

The radio. A talk about a woman who was a violonist, it was her birthday today, august 11th.

They describe this girl.

Thank you google. (i forget her name)

It was Ginette Neveu. On France Musique. “Mon coeur est un violon” (the name of the program)

Things I remember :

“Playing is not a passion is a mission”

“She had the fire inside of her”

A thing like, to accomplish things bigger than you, you have to be alone.

A lot of things talked, resonnated (is that a word in english ?) in me.

It was as if they were describing me sometimes. All the time.

So, beautiful books, objects, this magic shop, this radio program, walking in Paris a guy who makes bubble in the street, everything is so beautiful, poetic.

Now i’m listening to my favorites songs, working on drawings, and thinking of how important it is to create beautiful things, how beauty, poetry makes us feel good.

It can be anything, photos, drawings, paintings, books, objects, clothes, songs, words, food, whatever.

It’s important to vring beauty to the world.

We think that creating something just because it’s beautiful is not enough. It needs to have a meaning, to be useful, etc.

The world needs you to create more beauty, to capture beauty.

Beauty is enough, beauty is important.

Take time, watch life, create, enjoy. 

Tranquillou la vie 🙂