Take time, watch life

Take time, watch life.

Look how poetic everything can be.

Be aware of signs, of little details.

People, sounds, light, atmoshpere, colors.

Everything is here to make every moment of your life beautiful and poetic, but you have to take time and open your eyes.

Make space in your mind and enjoy !


Here is something I wrote this day :


“I went in Paris today


Is this « quartier »(district ?)  there’s always a special vibe

A magic vibe

Really poetic

In Paris in general

But I always go at the same places

Like it’s the one who are the most close to my home

But it’s the one I prefer


Like there’s always a special atmosphere there

Jardin du Luxembourg

This garden

Like all the time there’s something there

I don’t know what

It’s not as the same as the other gardens in Paris

There’s an atmosphere

Something magic there

It’s like you’re in a place when time doesn’t exist

No days, years, area of time, no hours, minutes

Nothing but those moments

It’s really strange like there’s something special there

And in Paris in general too


I love Paris

I love Paris when it’s sunny like this

Paris in holiday

People are walking, drinking on terrasses

Everyone is chill

Like enjoying life here


This is what I love with Paris

It’s another way of living

No time


Just Paris”

September 14th in Paris