Pull the right yarn

 4:40 am, August 23, in my bed
Fresnes-les bains

I can’t sleep I’m too excited

Like I feel that it’s going to be really easy to go to Lisbon.
Like much easier than I thought.

I don’t know I feel it’s like it’s already here/ there.

Like it’s here I can go. I don’t know how to explain this but it’s like I’m already there. 

My soul is there. And I feel like I’m going to go there sooner as I thought.
I just feel that it can be really really easy, like that stage where you are like « no it can’t be true, it’s magic » you know.

But life is magic.

I think when you truly want something it happens, and it’s really easy.

I mean everything is easy if you decided to.

Sometimes the most difficult part it’s just to admit that it’s not difficult, that it’s easy.

We are all like “no I have to work hard, I have to move my ass, I have to work 200 hours a day. Because life is hard, because making money is difficult, complicated.”

But it’s not. 

And it’s difficult to understand it sometimes.

Because we are like “euuuh no it can’t be this because it’s too easy for me to do this”, or “it can’t be that because it’s just fun”. 

So we are just making things be more difficult because we think that life have to be like this. And when you think that life is difficult, making money is difficult so everything you see in your life is things that gives you the proof of this.

It’s like you have two ball of wool, one for negatives thoughts, the one for « life is difficult, hard, you have to work hard, I don’t have enough, I have no money, no solutions, etc »
And you have the other one for positive thoughts the one for « life is easy, everything is here to help me, life is easy, fun wou-hou, life is just magic, things I truly want will happen to my life easily I just have to follow what brings me joy at this moment, etc »

You visualize those two balls of wool ?

If you start to pull the yarn from one you will have all the same stuff that will comes with because it’s from the same ball of wool. If you pull the negativity yarn you will receive and have more negative yarn. And same with positivity, positive thought.

Is that makes sense ?

It’s 4h40, August 23, in my bed
Fresnes-les bains

I decided to take the yarn of « wou-hou life is magic, easy, fun, everything is here to help me ! »
I’m going to try to sleep now.

I’m going to see the signification of the hour 4h40. I had 4h04 too.

Bye 🌞
Choose to pull the right yarn for your life 🙂