La Vie de Vacances – Book


“La Vie de Vacances”, it means The Holiday Life in french.
It’s written in english inside but I wanted to keep the title in french ☺️
This book is about the first time I really lived my life just for me.
It was the first time when I really felt alive and the first time I was living my dream 🌞
And it was fucking amazing ! 🔥
I hope you will love it as much as all the love I put inside 🧡
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This book is here to show you

That the life you want is here,
waiting for you to live it.

And no matter where you are in your life,
no matter how fucking scared you are,
how young or old you are,
how broke or rich you are
you can live your dream life now.
I know it sounds like a facebook quote
but it’s actually true.
If you want to live this fucking life enough,
you will find a way to live it.

Read this book, enjoy the vibe,
and go live your fucking life !!!

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