No one knows what they are doing

You may think that everyone knows what they are doing
You may think that for other it’s easier
For other people everything is fine
But no one knows
No one knows wtf they are doing
No one knows what to do
No one knows if what they’re doing is the right thing to do
But they do it
Because you don’t have one answer
You don’t have the answer

Where you’re in a haze, you’re lost like you don’t know what to do
Like you have no fucking ideas

Like you feel stuck in your situation and you don’t know how to get outside of it

You’re lost

And you try to find answer, signs outside of you
But nothing
You feel that the universe is not here with you

I saw today that people are starting the inktober, you know the thing when you do one drawing a day.
But I don’t draw a lot for now and I don’t feel to.

But I was thinking of doing something like each day of October I share with you what’s happened in my day, I share with you exactly how it was and how I felt like, like showing the real real real life of having a different life than other people,
Sharing the real life of working to have the life you want.
How it really look like.
I will share this with you as if I was telling my day to a friend. So you will have the real real aspect of things.
I think this is missing in this digital world. Everyone wants to show the beautiful aspect of being an entrepreneur, an artist. Showing the sexy part.
But no one is showing how it really look like.
And sometimes when you want to have the life you want, do something different, start a new project. And you feel lost, in a haze, really tired, you doubt of everything and you see everyone, every other artists, entrepreneurs, or whatever you see everyone around who seems to live a fucking sexy life, where everything is easy they have no fear or they overcome them so easily etc.
You feel that what you are feeling is not normal.
That there’s something wrong.
Because no one is sharing the real aspect of their life.
Because real life is not «instagramable »
Sharing what’s really happens is not sexy, not fancy.
But I think it’s important to share this.

Like knowing that you’re not alone in your shit is really helpful.

So yes I just had this idea.

I want to share with you how it’s like for me to show you the real aspect, to help you not feeling alone.

I want to show you how it’s really look like to create your life. To choose your life. To work on projects that have meaning for you.

The real aspect of this. The not sexy aspect of this.
Because it’s seems pretty huh ? Living the life you choose blabla.
And it is. But sometimes it’s not. Like not at all !
And that’s ok !
This is life

But here everything looks the same.
It’s important to share real life.

Because sharing the not sexy part of what it looks like brings you force, courage to still continue, to continue to do what is important for you.

Because you see everyone saying that it’s easy, and when it’s not easy for you you’re like « wtf is going on ? Do I have to stop it ? Is that the right thing ? » maybe it’s not, but maybe it is and you just have to continue.

That’s why it’s so important to share what it’s really look like.
Because if no one does maybe you will give up, maybe you will loose faith that what you want is waiting for you.
Knowing how it’s really look like give you force to continue, you’re not alone wanting a different life.
But life is testing you.

So yes I have a lot to say.

A lot of sun :))

October 1st, 2019