Every little moments and movements are really important.
It’s fascinating how everythings is moving and sometimes we just can’t see it, we just don’t pay attention.
Because it’s not a big movement or moment, nothing special happens so we think it’s not useful to take time to appreciate this moment.
We are too busy with too much stuff in our head, in our phones.
But everything count, every second, every micro-movement, maybe we just have to take time to watch them.
I take those photos the next day I came to Lisbon, and I was feeling so free, so aaaaaaah.
Just feeling so good to just live life, like just being here, watching little things, watching life.
It sound so cliché, so YOLO blabla but that’s true, just you’re life is important !
You have to do something good with it, do what you really want and what you love because after you will die and that’s true too 🙂