Living the real life #2

Real life is beautiful, 

But to see it,

we have to take time,

Take time when we don’t know where is our phone,

 when we don’t check social media to see if something incredible happens. 

Because something incredible happens everyday :

light at the end of the day is AAAA so waouw ! It makes everything beautiful !

 Everything can be beautiful, or poetic but we have to take time to see,

 to just enjoy simple things as light at the end of the day in the kitchen. 

Or just washing your clothes, cleaning your floor.

We don’t pay attention to those objects, to those things that we use/do almost every day we just using them, without taking time to see how they look like. 

But …

What if we see those things as if it was the first time we saw it ?

like as if you discover everything with new eyes, just like a child,

 watching everything and trying to understand how it works, which material is used, you touch it, smell it,

just be curious about everything around you.

And i’m tired of the #livingmybestlife who makes you think if you’re not in Bali your life is shit. Living your “best life” is just living the life you want and living your life now !

It can be just appreciate doing daily life stuff, or doing crazy things whatever, but doing just what you want and not what social media shows as “the best life”.

The best life you can live is being you, doing what YOU truly want and having fun, just enjoying YOUR own life

You live your life for you and not for other people, so stop thinking about what other people are going to think about you and what you’re doing. 

No one is going to live your life for you. 

And no one cares more than you about your life, everyone is thinking about themselves. 

Move your ass to do what you want honey !

Photos : June, 21

Text : June, 24