Is magical stuffs happens to you too ?


Is that happens to you ?

You know things are going to happens, like it’s clear, you know. Just you know.

You don’t know how, or sometimes you don’t know when, but you know, this is going to happens.

And i think this happens to me a lot of time but i wasn’t paying attention to it. But now, i’m aware of this, i discover this more and more.

Like stuff i know will happens, finally happened, but i didn’t knew the « how » etc but it happenned.

Like going to Lisbon, i didn’t knew how, how i’m going to find money, how i’m going to find a room there. But i knew i had to go there, and i knew i will go there. Like  just it  was clear for me, i knew.

If you follow me since a little while maybe you remember this time, when i was writing « i’m going to Lisbon, i don’t know when, i don’t know how, i have no money, but i know i will go there, money is a detail, a big detail but for me it’s a detail »

And finally i didn’t have to search for a room, a guy that i met there (who was a friend of my neighbour in France, it’s crazy !) this guy called the day of my birthday to say « hey i have a room to rent if you want ». I mean like i don’t know what it is, magic, or whatever but it was crazy. And i knew, i knew i didn’t have to search for a room there. When i tried to search i was like aaargh noooo like my energy was just blargh. And finally this came to me.

I mean it’s crazy when i think of it. And it’s not the only things that happens like this in my life. I have a lot of things, little stuff that seems to happens just « like this » like magic.

And now, i try to pay attention to them, more and more. Like to see the process of this « magic » stuff. Like where this start and where this end, and see the in between. To understand, like « but how does that thing works ? » and how can i replicate those stuff.

So yes i’m moving somewhere in September for i don’t know how long. I’m moving in this place that i don’t know, i have never been there before. I have nothing related to this place, or nobody. I just move there because i had the intuition 2 months ago to go there. Like just a little voice. Just something is calling me there, i don’t know what. I have to go there, it’s just i know, i know i have to go and i know i will.

So i took the process of it. From having intuition, signs, to taking the decision, taking action, and following this. I have no clue of what i was doing, and why i needed to go there, i still don’t know.

So i write the process of it in real time, each time something new happen about that i wrote it.

I wrote it for me, to understand how those things happens, and what things i was doing that blocked the process, or that make this work or not.

I don’t know if this will interest you ? Like to see my process. This will not be an “how to” but just me processing. 

Tell me 🙂

And tell me if you relate to this kind of stuffs, like things happens just like magic sometimes.