I have 20 000 €

Now that i have your attention you can read 🙂

If i have 20 000€ on my bank account what will I do ?
I have 20 000€ on my bank account what I do ?

I will take a plane and go to Lisbon and live. Live.
Go dancing, going to concert of my favorite artists
Continuining the book
Chill, talk to people
Tell people that they can live the life they want
Tell people that it’s simple, it don’t have to be complicated
Tell people that’s life is beautiful
Show the beauty of the world to people
I will go in places I love, places I want to discover

I will go and live

Dancing, having conversations with people, sharing my experience
And still creating stuff
I think creating beauty
I will just travel slowly, take the time to see places, to meet people, to learn things
I will take the time to learn tattoo

I will find ways to share my message to more people
I want to bring joy, hope to people to show them that it’s possible to have the life they want.

I will bring beauty to the world
Some fresh air to the world

Like take it slow, live, life is beautiful, fun, easy.
Go live your life

I will read books, create book

I will work with people who want to bring something good to the world too and who helped me with some stuff
But they will help me because this is what they want to do, they are passionate about
I want to help people to achieve their dream and to dream bigger and bigger and achieve them all the time.

Bring them force, courage to do what they want
I want to show to people that it’s easy, life is easy, simple, beautiful.

I want to dance I mean now right now I want to sleep. But I want to dance.

I want to show to people how life is good.

I want to remind them this.

Life is beautiful, easy, fun.

We are here to laugh, dance, create, love, have sex, have fun, discover, learn.

We are here on earth to enjoy life.

And most of the time the way we define enjoying our life is a way where we bring something good to the world.

What are you dreaming of ? What is your definition of enjoying YOUR life ? What do you want to do ?

If you have all the money you can have, like the point when you don’t even think of money you know it’s here always.

What will you do ? How your life will look like ? How your daily life will be ?

August 24,


This text was from my notes, i just woke up and think of this, i didn’t touch anything.

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I think sharing the behind the scene of my life can help people, to see how it’s look like to take decisions, actions, how i deal with fears, inspiration, laziness, and a loooot of other stuffs !

In two months i wrote a lot, you have a lot to read !

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