How I healed me ?

How I healed me ?

First things to know :

Everything is linked together

You don’t have your emotions, your life, your body separate.

It’s one and unique thing.

Everything is working together

When you’re stressed before something you may feel that you’re heart is beating faster, you feel it in your stomac, you feel it somewhere in your body right ?

When you feel bad, when you’re sick it’s harder to be in a good mood right ?

Your emotions affects your body.
The way it feels, the sensations, the way it’s working.

This is important to understand to heal you.
If you take everything separately so you want to treat the symptoms instead of treating the real problem.

As I said treating the symptoms for me it’s the lazy solution.
You take a pills, yuo do a treatment and then the symptoms disappear.
The symptoms but not the deepest problem.

If you don’t solve it, it will show up again, or it will show up in another part of your body but in a more negative way.

Your body is giving you signals. 

Signlas that there’s something wrong, before it appear in your body it was here in your life, your emotions.

You are one and unique thing don’t forget it. 

So when your body is telling you something it’s because you don’t want to see it. It’s something you hide that shows up.

At the beginning it’s little signals, the more you don’t listen to them and you treat just the symptoms the more the signals are bigger and harder to hide. And harder to heal too. 

So maybe I will take my example to explain it to you.

2 years ago I was studying something which I wasn’t feeling it. It’s wasn’t too bad but I wasn’t feeling me.
I knew it since I apply for the school, I applied like « why not »

One day before the first day of school, I had a food intoxication. I didn’t knew that this things wasn’t good in case your asking.
So I was sick as hell the day before starting this. First signal.

Then I continue without questioning this.
First class, I know I don’t want to be here, but I try to convince me that «it’s the beginning it’s going to get better, it’s not that bad, don’t be ungrateful, etc»
So a few months, and I feel more and more tired, lack of sleep, waking up in the middle of the night panicked without knowing why, no appetite, no energy.
Sometimes I feel that all my body is going down, like all my energy falls down and my heart is beating faster.

So what I do ?
I listen to my parents telling me to go see a doctor to understand what’s going on.
I saw a first doctor and I remember telling him that I wasn’t feeling good at my school, and explaining all the symptoms.
He gave me pills to sleep better, and to have less anxiety.

At this point i was like « euh I don’t feel to take those things, I don’t know why but I don’t want to »

I saw another doctor, more « natural » if we can say that.
I say the same things, she gave me something to sleep better and pills too.
Those things was plants based. Not at all I think but with a bit of plant in it you know.
So I took it.
It was worst.
I wake up at night even more panicked.
My body was fighting more than before.
So I stopped taking this thing. 

Conclusion :

Treating the symptoms without taking the entire situation in consideration make the situation getting even worst

And I knew that this was for something.
I was feeling like this because something needed to change in my life.
But I was scared to make this changes.
Because I didn’t knew what was waiting for me after.
I know what I had to do : quit this studies.
For what ?
I didn’t knew.

The Only thing I knew is that being here makes me feel like shit.
I was crying for nothing, being stressed or panicked just by watching a movie sometimes.
Nothing was working at all in my life.

And because I didn’t wanted to see it at first, and take the decision to make something else, to not go to this school.
So, Because I didn’t wanted to see it, my body told me.

I didn’t wanted to do the changes by myself.
I waited to be «forced » to do it.

I wait the time where the only solution I have to do for my health (physical and mental health) was to move away from this shitty situation.

Let’s go back to the day before the first day of school. Remember ? Food intoxication.
Maybe you think that « oh it’s just a coincidence » right ?
I looked at the meaning of food intoxication. The symbolic of it.
It’s a situation you can’t digest, something that it’s not good for you, something that you don’t want to accept, that you rejecting.

I sum it up but the meaning was something like that.

Now, Can you see the link between rejecting the fact that I’m going to study something which i already know is not for me, and that I don’t want to accept it, trying to convince me etc and the fact that the meaning of food intoxication is the exact same thing ?

But I didn’t listen to this, thinking that this was nothing other than life. And so my body gives me a bigger signal :

 4 months of feeling like shit to finally makes me understand and move my ass away from something I knew since the begining wasn’t for me.

Hope now you understand the power of listenning to yourself, your intuition. And to look at what your body is trying to tell you. Listenning to it can save you time, energy, health, life !!!!! 

By the way not doing what you love is dangerous, not loving your life affect your health too. 

So now, how I heal myself from not sleeping at night, being anxious and stressed as fuck, feeling sad for nothing, not wanting to eat, being tired all the time ?

I change my life !

I quit my studies, I took time to understand what was going wrong in my life, what do I needed to change.

Seems easy right ?

It wasn’t but it’s for another story.

Now I feel so much better, sometimes I’m anxious, sad, tired etc but at this time it was all the time, it was kind of a not feeling well all the time with time when I really felt like dying 🙂

Changing my life, quitting this studies was the best thing I could have done for my life in general and for my health.

Everything is linked together.

If you’re sick > you’re body is not feeling good > it’s because there’s something to change in your life. 

Your life affect your emotions > your emotions affects your body. 

If you just treat your body without taking care of your emotions and your life, so you don’t solve the problem, so it will came back. 


Every signal of your body means something.

When I didn’t have my periods for 8 months it was linked to totally something else. Another problem in my life.

The healing was the same process.

First knowing what was going on.
I saw doctors to see what was the problem. I had little cyst

When my periods stops ?
Finding the meaning of it.
There’s books who explained the meaning of each disease/ dysfunctionment.
I didn’t find the meaning thanks to god like I made my own research on it.

With all the informations I collected. I was like ok.
1- When ?
My periods stopped when with my ex boyfriend it was a mess and then we broke up.

2- Meaning of having kystes and not having your periods :
Keeping your emotions inside of you, a lot of sadness that I just didn’t took time at all to take care of.
+ Not doing what you want in life, frustration, not feeling able to give birth to projects.
There were a lot of other meanings that really was linked to my situation but I can’t really remember.

I started making my research 6 month after not having my periods.
And they came 2 months after.
2 months after I was in Lisbon, finally creating a lot, loving what I was doing, enjoying life, and healing my emotions finally letting them goes without trying to control them.
Tadam !
my periods came back !

The doctor told me to take pills and 2 months after my periods should came back. 

I didn’t took any pills.

I worked on what wasn’t working in My life. I decided to take care of me and all my emotions that I was trying to hide.

So yes pills is better, you don’t think, you take it and boom symptoms is solved.
But if I took it maybe 10 years after I will have a cancer or something worst.
So I decided to take care of it when I can, to listen to what my body was trying to tell me.

And it works

It wasn’t easy.
Like this means that you have to work on yourself.
You have to see what you want to hide.
This, is not comfortable.
This is not glamorous.

The emotions you hide, you hide them because it was hard for you to deal with so it was easier to continue to hide them.

But if you want to stay alive, if you want your body to be kind with you > take care of you, your emotions, look at your habits, your life.
And start working on it.

Wow it was a bit long right ?

I hope it helped.
I have a lot to say about this. And we are not informed at all to listen to our body. We don’t take ourselves in one and unique piece who need every part to work together to work well.

I don’t say that actual medecine is not working. But there’s other ways. 

You can choose, but I’m here to help you make conscious choices. 

Make your own research on altrenative ways to heal you. 

Taking your power back is knowing that you do things because you choose it, not because there’s just one way and you follow it. 

You choose what you prefer to do.

You can treat your symptoms with actual medecine and make changes in your life too, you can heal you with plants, with energetic healing too. I mean there’s a lot !

You can decide, there’s not one way. 

We have access to information so easily now, so use it. And use your common sense too.

If symptoms are coming back all the time, or if you need the same treatment until the end of your life….I let you use your brain a bit….

Maybe the treatment is not working. So there’s something else to do.

It start getting long. I still have a lot to say about it. And a lot to learn too.

Dm me on Instagram if you have other questions, or reactions, or if you heal you with another technique than taking pills, it’s interesting to share alternative ways with the world 🙂 

So yes, hope it helped !

A lot of love and sun honey :))

Take care of you, your life, your body 🙂