Game of life

AUGUST 13rd 

Life is just a game, we just have to play with.

We have forgotten how to play when we grew up.

Last time i went to buy a balloon for my cousin. And i start playing with it and it reminds me that i have played basketball, volleyball and i just stopped. 

I stop playing. I stop having fun.

Like just just playing, having fun for no particular reason just fun, laugh, run, danse, jump, do stupid stuff just to have fun without thinking of anything, just enjoying the moment.

Playing with life as if nothing else matter, because nothing else matter. 

We are here on earth to play, to enjoy life.

We are to do stupid stuff, do things just for fun and forget about productivity, how to make money, how to be famous on social media, how to whatever. 

We just have to play and the things we have to learn again is 




We have to learn how to unlearn things that block us to do those things.

We have to re-learn, remind, because we already know.

We have to remind how life is simple. We are just here to have fun, enjoy, play, live.

For what else are we here instead ?

We are here to follow what brings us joy, what makes us happy.

We don’t let us the time, the space in our life to play.

We are always running to have something, running to the next step, the next level.

But in one day, where is the time to play, to create, to imagine, to tells us stories in our head, to watch life.

Where is this time ?

Remember your activities when you were younger, a child. What was your favorites ones ?

I let you with this question.

Write them down, or just remember them, how you were feeling at those moment, hos simple life was. Compare to your life now.

Do you take time to play, to imagine, to tells you stories, to create, to look at things, to be curious, contemplative ?

We are running after something but everything we need is already here. 

We just have to make space in our life, take time. Enjoy what’s around us.

Play, dance, create, be curious. Be a child.

Maybe being a child, acting like a child, is just being ourselves.

Life is simple it’s just complicated to understand it.