Am i too much ?

AUGUST 6, 9:57

10minutes writing before moving, i have a  lot to say ahah.

i just saw what i wrote yesterday’s night. I wrote for hours, like things needed to go out of me.

But today i saw all of this. And i had this thought “jesu it’s too much, you’re writing too much, you’re going to loose people woth all of this”

And the second after i was like, but it’s always like this, always too much or not enough, there’s always something wrong.

There will be always something that makes people talk, judge you or whatever. There’s always something.

Writing too much, texts are too long, creating too much. Not writing enough things, not creating working enough.

There’s always everything and his “contraire” (tout et sont contraire”. There’s always white and black. Like everything have this opposite.

And we always try to be grey, to fit in somewhere, try to accomodate to people, to suit them, to hear what they have to say about us, about our work. And after we try to change stuff. Do more, or do less, or more like this, less like that. 

But once you start listening to other, and start suiting their stuff, you start losing you. 

Like if you were alone how did you do your thing ? Because it’s your thing, not other people thing. People are going to judge have a “avis” but they don’t know everything. You know what you are doing, you have the vision of what you want, of what you’re doing, people have just a part of this.

So i have to go now. 

But listen to you, do you. People will follow you or not. But don’t try to fit, to change something to make people comfortable. They will follow or not. Do your thing follow your own road.