Am i enough to ask money for this ?

August 5 00 :43

It’s easy for me to share how I do stuff, to share my process, because the only thing I have to do is to live and just share what’s happening in my life.

And like the things is it’s so easy that I’m like but I’m not gonna ask money for this, who is going to pay for this, for something which is so simple for me ? Like who ?

And that’s why artist are poor ! Because they don’t know their own value, so they give stuff for free, or for a little tiny insignificant price.

That’s why I’m feeling like if I ask for money, for something which is that easy for me I feel like I’m rip people, i steal them their money.

And now I can say hi to the impostor syndrom lol. When I was selling my drawing like it was easier, it’s something real, I took time to draw, and it’s art. So if people want it they have to pay.

But now I write stuff, I share how I live my life, I share just what’s happening in my life, things I learn, I share my process of doing stuff, of being a human on earth.

And the Only thing I have to do is to live my life, to just exist, to just share it. And it’s easy.
It’s not easy to share some stuff etc but it’s easy to live and share what I live like everyone can do it.

It’s so easy that sometimes I forget that I bring value to the world.

I forget that sometimes I just need to exist or to share my way of seeing life, my way of doing things, to inspire people, to give them courage to do their own stuff, to finally live their own life too

Sometimes I forget this. I feel like “no I have to do more”. “It can’t be that easy”.

I was listening to a girl I like and she was telling “the only thing I have to do to earn money is to exist”.

And this is true, I bought her stuff and it was just what she learnt about life, how she live, how she do stuff. The fact that I bought her stuff is because the way she lives inspires me, makes me learn things, like she just share her human experience on earth and this help me to live my life. Because she’s at a level where I want to be.

So what if it was possible for me too ? If it’s possible for someone it’s possible for me too.

She’s at a level where I want to be, but she’s doing the exact same thing that I do now, just at another level.

But me, maybe I’m at a level where someone wants to be, where someone wants to know how I do stuff, how I take decision, how I live my life.
Maybe I’m in a level where someone wants to be. And just because I think I’m not good enough, or like who am I to ask money for this ? Just because of my own fears I decide to not share this. And so to not help someone who need to go to the next level.

Like if I think of the « me » a year ago, she needs to see someone like me, who’s 20 and who do what she want and who try everything to have the life she wants even if she have no fucking clue of what she’s doing but she always find ways to do what she wants. If I think of this girl like she needs to see this. Like the thing I share now can help her.

At each point of our life we grow and we go to the next level, but even if for us we are not at the level we want because we always want to grow. We are at the level we wanted to be before. We are at a level that someone wants to be. And we can help those people to join us at this level, doesn’t matter where we are now. We have something to share, to give to people.

We don’t need to be expert of something to help people. We don’t need to be at the level we want to give value to people. We are at a level where someone wants to be, like this person we admire is where we want to be, and this person admire someone is at a level where she wants to be too etc. That’s how everyone can help everyone. We are all at different stages/levels in our life and we can help people to go to this level.

So yes I was thinking of this because I have something that I want to sell, and I was like but who need this ? Who is going to buy that ? It’s just my process.
And I was struggling with this because I was thinking that if I ask money is like I’m going to lie to you. Or like the thing I propose is not enough to ask money for it. Like because it was easy for me so I can’t ask for money to bring them to people.

Yes, i was just like dealing with the impostor syndrom. And after I think of the « me » a year ago and this girl need this, this thing can help her. So if this can help her so it can help other people too.

And why it’s not free ?

Because even if for the me of now it’s easy, it have value. 

I deserve to be paid for the value I give to the world that’s all.

And money it just an exchange of value. You want this ice cream because it taste good and makes you feel good and you like ice-cream so you have to pay for this. You have to pay for the value this ice cream gives to you.
It’s just an exchange. 

You bring value by giving money to the person who gives you value by creating what she create. Is that makes sense ? 

It’s like a virtuous circle.
By bringing value to this person this person can pay someone else to bring value to her and etc.

The thing is to know your value.
And to know that you deserve to receive this value. And buy giving money to someone you bring value to yourself, and you contribute to this virtuous circle.